D77Sc – Nut Grade Slow Cure


A slower curing version of standard D77 Nut Grade Adhesive. It is a medium strength anaerobic threadlocking compound for bonding and sealing threads and retaining cylindrical parts in general industrial and automotive applications. Ideal for use with less active materials, such as stainless steel or plated parts. Provides an oil resistant, semi permanent, lock and seal to all engineering and automotive fasteners, which prevents corrosion.

Product Code & Pack:
D77SC-50 50ml
D77SC-250 250ml
Color: Blue
Viscosity: Medium
Set Time: Handling Time: 20-25 minutes at ambient conditions Full Cure: 24 hours
Gapfill: 0.3 mm
Equivalent: 243
Temp Range: Service Temperature Range: -55 to +150ºC



D77SC Technical Data Sheet