D320 Pg Bonder Structural Adhesive



D320 1:1 is a fast curing, 2-part toughened acrylic structural adhesive. D320 will bond almost any material including most metals, plastics, glass, wood, concrete, GRP, modern composites, stone. It can be applied either direct from the cartridge as two overlapping beads or through an D312 applicator gun with D313 Mixing nozzle. Fast cure 3 – 5 minutes (tempertature dependant)  and can be applied to untreated surfaces D320 is resistant to usual weathering and temperatures between -55‚C and +125‚C but it is not recommended for prolonged immersion in water.
Product Code D320  Size  50ml
Typical Properties
Colour when mixed    Translucent grey
Viscosity 3000 cps
Temperature range -55‚C and +125‚C
Cure to handling strength 3-5 minutes depending on ambient temperature
Cure to full strength 1 hour.

D320 Technical Data Sheet